Welcome to Nano Equipment

Nano Equipment Pte Ltd was established in 2002. We provide software development and system integration services with focus on mobile communications and interactive media applications. Our customers include enterprises, government agencies, telecom operators, media companies and marketing agencies.

Areas of expertise

Mobile and Web Solutions

  • Mobile Apps – Android, iOS, Windows
  • Web Portal & Mobile Web Portal – HTML5, JQuery Mobile, Sencha Touch
  • Content Management Systems
  • Enterprise System Integration


Video Solutions

  • Live video streaming
  • Live video chat
  • Video portals
  • Video encoding and protocol adaptation


Wireless M2M

  • Geo-location application software development
  • Enterprise track & dispatch systems
  • Wireless modems and routers
  • Network planning, implementation and system integration services


Winner of France – Singapore ICT Award 2013

June 2013

L'Oreal Mobile Stock Take
Photo: L’Oreal

Nano Equipment has been awarded the France -Singapore ICT Award 2013 for Best Singaporean and French Partnership. The award is organised by UBIFRANCE and the French Chamber of Commerce in Singapore (FCCS) in conjunction with CommunicAsia & BroadcastAsia. The award recognizes the quality of technology and business partnership and extension of international activity between Singaporean and French companies

Nano Equipment’s winning entry is Stock Take App for Retail, an enterprise mobility solution that automates a laborious process in the retail industry’s supply chain. Cosmetics giant L’Oreal has adopted the solution for its operations in Singapore. It also plans to use the app at its outlets around the world.

With the app, shop assistants do stock-taking by scanning items on the shelves using a mobile device, instead of entering figures into spreadsheets. The process slashes the time taken in the tedious process of stock-taking retail goods by half. The data collected is sent in real-time wirelessly to the company’s business system. A supervisor can see the data in real-time to check on the stock take in each location. Discrepancies can be detected as soon as each session is completed. The supervisor can be alerted to discrepancies in the count of individual products down to a specific shelf in a store. A re-count can be ordered, if necessary.

Nano Equipment has developed a suite of enterprise mobility solutions designed to increase productivity and enhance efficiency through innovative use of mobile devices integrated with enterprise business systems. It has rolled out solutions for customers recently in various sectors including retails, logistics, travel and building and construction.

France - Singapore ICT Award 2013
Photo: FCCS