Wireless M2M

Wireless M2M

Wireless M2M (machine-to-machine) communication is the exchange of data between a remote machine and a back-end IT infrastructure through wireless networks. Typically, M2M involves a device such as a sensor or meter that captures an event, which is relayed through a network using modem or router to a software application. The application translates the captured event into meaningful information. The transfer of data can be two-way between the device and the back-end application.

Nano Equipment provides wireless M2M solutions and services including:

  • Geo-location application software development
  • Supply of wireless modems and routers
  • Network planning and implementation
  • System integration services

Wireless Modems and Routers

Sierra Wireless AirLink 

Nano Equipment provides expertise in the implementation and deployment of wireless modems and routers for machine-to-machine communications.

We distribute wireless communications devices manufactured by Sierra Wireless.

Sierra Wireless AirCardĀ® mobile broadband devices provide a simple way to connect notebooks, netbooks, and other electronic devices to the Internet from virtually anywhere your cell phone works, over 3G and 4G mobile broadband networks. AirCard modems are available for PC Card slots, ExpressCard slots, USB ports, or as mobile WiFi hotspots, to suit a variety of customer needs.

The AirLinkā„¢ family of intelligent gateways and routers from Sierra Wireless offers customers solutions for various industrial, enterprise and in-vehicle applications. AirLink devices are designed for use in mission critical applications, where reliability and security are essential.

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