QR codes on newspapers, magazines, and outdoor panels make it easy for advertisers to share online multimedia interactive contents with their target audience.

QRTV is our one-stop solution that helps retailers and brand-owners simplify and manage the end-to-end work flow of video conversions, hosting, and QR code generation. We also help to design and build mobile optimized web sites for video playback and call-to-action.

User Experience




Mobile Optimized Website


We adapt your contents for best display on mobile devices and facilitate a different type of user experience. We help to design and host mobile website that adheres to industry best practices:

  • Quick to load (hosting on cloud-platform)
  • Simple to navigate
  • Designed for visibility
  • Thumb-friendly
  • Easy customer conversion (with call-for-action)
  • Cross-platform with mobile redirect (smartphones, tablets, PCs)
QRTV Mobile Optimized


Our Scope of Works


  • Video Conversion
  • Mobile website design and development
  • Hosting and management
  • QR Code generation
  • Database and reporting
  • Data analytics

QRTV One-stop Solution